The Ardmore Trolley and Bingo with Grandma Lizzie

25 87 Ardmore.jpg

When my mother would go into the hospital to have a baby or have an operation, I would get to stay with my grandmother Lizzie. Part of our time every week was spent going to Bingo at a church in East Pittsburgh. We’d take the Ardmore Trolley (pictured here on Armore Blvd, in Forest Hills). I think it was Route 87. But first, we’d have to head to Homewood from her house on McCutcheon Lane (in an area between Eastwood and Rosedale) to get to the Ardmore Trolley. Then the rickety rackety trip on the rails through Forrest Hills to the Westinghouse town of East Pittsburgh.
Geeez, I loved that time with her…riding the trolley, just the two of us. And when I stayed with her she treated me like a Prince. Cookies, weak coffee, chipped ham or Jumbo sandwiches with Miracle Whip and cheese on Italian bread, a little glass of wine with dinner. What a life. I was so lucky…


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2 responses to “The Ardmore Trolley and Bingo with Grandma Lizzie

  • Jodi

    Oh such sweet memories. I took my Grandma to bingo too – and that is where I met Marty! Grandma asked him to ask me out! LOL! Loved having coffee soup with her and Granpap – saltines in weak coffee with lots of milk! Let’s be those type of grandparents that we had. That is my goal! xo

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