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PIX 2016 – Bill Griffith



Meeting Bill Griffith at PIX 2016

The creator of Zippy the Pinhead comes to Pittsburgh!

On Saturday, April 2, 2016 at PIX  2016 I was just a flat out fan boy. It was a thrill to be able to talk at length with the immensely talented, one of a kind cartoonist and storyteller Bill Griffith. We also had the opportunity to exchange war stories about the glory years working for Tina Brown’s New Yorker, and our questionable relevance at today’s Cons.
If you’ve not met Bill in person, he is a charming man, and very likable…and prolific as hell.
Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up his new graphic novel memoire titled INVISIBLE INK. It’s a wonderful read told with wit, candor and humor. I got my copy signed at PIX so I’m in heaven!
Thanks for your graciousness and conversation, Bill.

p.s. That Zippy strip in Bill’s hands is one that my wife and I proudly own. It features Zippy in “Scotty’s Diner” in Wilkinsburg after it had become “Charlie’s”.
Bill personalized it for me.