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Working on a new story with Gallone!

Just started the first layouts and pencils on a new comic short story titled :

WIENER WATER – My Life A La Carte 

Confessions of a hot dog vendor who saw too much and threw away too little…

So much fun so far!  More on this next week…



Photography as a support to my creative output.


Back in 1971 while in art school, I was the new photographer for the school’s newspaper and I took this shot of a waiter at the Original Oyster House. As some of you may know, I grew up going to the Oyster House with my pop…it was a “regular” stop for lunch when we had to run into town for kitchen cabinets or other specialty items we used in the remodeling business my father owned. And this particular waiter had been there since I was around 8 or 9. I think he was Italian, because my father usually said something to him in Italian when he waited on us. When I got to art school he was still waiting tables at the Oyster House.


Another shot from the Original Oyster House at the lunchtime rush…usually when I was in there while going to art school, which was only a few blocks away.

Over the years, I have used photography as an adjunct to my illustration word and and my comics work. I’ve certainly used it for my portraoture and caricature work.

Hey, Let’s Eat! East Texas Hot Links

Another review strip from the upcoming Eddie Longo book “Hey, Let’s Eat!”

This one covers a swell joint in Pittsburg, Texas that sold East Texas Hot Links… different from all other hot links you’ll find.

After I married his only daughter (Miss Emily) my sweet father-in-law took me to Franklin’s Food Store to properly introduce me to eating hot links East Texas Style and to share the experience with his brand new Yankee son-in-law. One of my dearest memories of Louie B and one I will never forget.

Thanks, Daddy!

Comic by Mark Zingarelli (The House of Zing) FranklinsFoodStoreScan_300

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